End of lease agreement

Should you wish to end the tenancy at the expiry of your lease agreement, you are required to provide twenty eight (28) days’ notice in writing to our office. The twenty eight (28) days will commence from the first business day we receive the Notice to Vacate.

Periodic Tenancy (No longer a fixed term lease)

You are able to provide twenty eight (28) days’ notice in writing on a prescribed form at any stage after your lease end date. This notice may allow you to vacate at any date nominated by yourself.

Leaving Before Your Lease Ends (Breaking Your Lease)

You may find themselves in a situation where you need to vacate the property before the end of the lease. In this case, you are responsible for covering any loss suffered by the owner as a result. This includes paying for the cost of:

  • All advertising incurred
  • Pro-rata portion of the letting fee
  • Rent until the property is re-let

We will help you through the process and commence searching for a new tenant for you as quickly as possible.

Assigning Your Lease to Another Person

If you find another person to take over the lease or would like a new flat mate to move in, you must seek the owner’s consent. The new potential tenant is required to go through an application process and be approved, as you did, prior to moving in. We promise to make this process quick for you!  The names the bond is held in by RTBA will also need to be changed to ensure the bond claim process, when you eventually vacate the property, is a smooth one.

The Landlord has served Notice to Vacate

The owner has the right to serve you notice to vacate your property. The following table indicates the notice required in each circumstance:

Reasons a landlord can ask a tenant to vacate, but not before the lease ends

Minimum notice required

The tenancy agreement has a fixed term or set end date and states that the tenant has rented the landlord’s own home and the landlord will occupy it at the end of the lease.

14 days

The landlord is a government housing authority and the tenant has unreasonably refused to seek or accept an offer of alternative accommodation.

30 days

Planned reconstruction, repairs or renovations (for which all necessary permits have been obtained) cannot be properly carried out unless the tenant vacates.

60 days

The premises are to be demolished and all necessary permits have been obtained.

60 days

The landlord wants to do something else with the premises (for example, use them for a business).

60 days

The landlord, a member of their immediate family (including parents and parents-in-law) or a dependant (who normally lives with the landlord) will be moving in.

60 days

The premises are to be sold or offered for sale with vacant possession immediately after the lease ends.

60 days

The premises have been sold and all sale conditions have been satisfied. If a property is sold and settled while under lease, the new buyer must be informed that the tenants will have occupation of the property until the end of the notice period, or until the end of their lease.

60 days

A government authority owns the premises and needs them for public purposes.

60 days

It is the end of a fixed-term lease of fewer than six months.

60 days

It is the end of a fixed-term tenancy agreement of six months or more.

90 days

The landlord is a government housing authority and the tenant no longer meets its eligibility criteria.

90 days

No specified reason.

120 days


Reasons a landlord can ask a tenant to vacate before the lease ends

Minimum notice required

The tenant or their visitor causes malicious damage to the premises or common areas.


The tenant or their visitor put neighbours in danger.


The tenant owes at least 14 days’ rent.

14 days

The tenant has breached a Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) compliance order or compensation order.

14 days

The tenant has breached a duty owed under a duty provision for the third time (and has been given notice twice before to remedy the breach of that duty).

14 days

The premises are being used for illegal purposes.

14 days

Other tenants are brought in without consent.

14 days

The tenant has not paid the bond as agreed.

14 days

The tenant has a child living at the premises when the agreement does not allow children.

14 days

The landlord is a government housing authority and the tenant misled the authority so they could be accepted as a tenant.

14 days

The tenant has engaged in a drug-related activity in public housing.

14 days


Your Detail

Property Detail

Vacating Details

  • Sales Testimonials

    What a refreshing pleasure it was to work with Kylie. An absolutely professional attitude backed by actions left me in no doubt that I will be using Kylie for future sales in Bayside. Well done.

    Wayne Meckiff

    I was so impressed. Extremely professional. Beautiful team of young people; very eager, very, very impressive and I just wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to everybody I know, just thrilled with the service. And I was thrilled with the result.

    Colin & Susan

    I was delighted with the team from Charlton King. Their advice was excellent and delivered in a friendly way, never as a lecture. The regular updates that included feedback from potential buyers kept us informed. There was an openness and honesty in their approach that is rare in the real estate market. I felt included in the process but never under pressure.


    Fabulous. Fantastic. It was the best experience we've ever had in real estate… Detailed, great service, always with a smile, and honest. Love them, all of them, the whole team. They are great. And a fantastic, awesome result.

    Bryce & Tonya

    Kylie Charlton met our exceptional high standards given that all our agents in our Sydney based real estate company Smile Elite are rated in the state’s top 2%. We found her to be exceptional in her ability to present the house in the best possible light. Her attention to detail on the little things was in the exceptional range.

    Scott & Suzanna

    We purchased a property off Kylie more than two years ago. She was fantastic to deal with and extremely professional. We engaged her and her team to sell the property recently and again, she was extremely professional and honest with us the whole way. She and her team guided us through the whole process and we achieved a fantastic result and the service was outstanding. We would highly recommend Kylie and her team.

    The customer service and professionalism were of excellent quality and the personal care from Kylie kept us confident of the process from start to finish.

    Paulina & Jeff

    Kylie was: Open and forthright Knowledgeable about the market. She never wavered from her plan. She was confidently positive and proactive in her dealings. The plan from the outset was followed. She did not produce any surprises She extracted just what the market would bear I would have no hesitation in engaging her services again should the need arise.


    The customer service and professionalism were of excellent quality and the personal care from Kylie kept us confident of the process from start to finish.

    Paulina & Jeff

    Kylie sold my property in 10 days for a good price. She was professional in her approach but gave everything a personal touch. A very good communicator. Thank you to the team.


    I was very impressed with Charlton King. They were very professional, they couldn’t do enough to try and sell our property in terms of advice and as a first time seller and were accessible if I had any questions. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.


    Kylie was very professional and got us a great result for the sale of our house. Would highly recommend Charlton King. 


    My husband and I knew that we would use Kylie Charlton from the first time we met her. She was honest, caring and truly wanted to be a part of our sale. I wouldn't hesitate to use Kylie and her team again if we decide to sell or buy. Can't speak highly enough. Thanks, Charlton King.

    Natalie & Nick

    I would highly recommend Kylie to anyone buying or selling their property. Her knowledge of the area, advise on styling, approach etc are all second to none. An excellent service that couldn't be faulted.

    Bronwyn & Ralph

    I particularly appreciated the advice in preparing the property for sale and the regular communication. It was very helpful to learn about the potential buyers and I think the best person bought the property. It was all so easy and we are delighted with the result.


    I was delighted with the whole process. Kylie was diligent in keeping us up to date regularly. Always cheerful and positive. All the team were friendly and helpful and the auctioneer was EXEMPLARY. Very impressed with his appeal to the prospective buyers. And of course we were delighted with the outcome.


    I thought she was very professional and gave us confidence right from day one. I think she did a great job. She kept us always in the picture by a phone call or an email and was always available, was always there to answer questions. Delighted with the result.

    Tim & Susan

    It was all very good, all very professional, no issues whatsoever. Sometimes I end up having not so good relationships with real estate agents, but there was never any sign of that with Kylie. It is just great working with her.

    The level of service Kylie Charlton has provided us is over and above what you would expect. She took us on a journey. What has continued to impress us is the level of support that we have received post auction and up to us moving into our new home.


    Kylie was extremely professional in communicating with all parties. Emails were prompt and valuable information with regular contact by phone kept us all well informed. She made selling the property seem easy with her confidence and naturally relaxed approach.


    Kylie did a amazing job in selling our house. I recently moved to Boston, USA and I had full faith in Kylie's ability to get the job done. Kylie kept me up to date on the process anytime day or night. She adapted to my time zone which was great. I want to thank Kylie and her team for a great result.


    We are so happy that we decided to engage in Charlton King. Your professionalism was second to none. You kept us informed throughout the whole process and managed to combine fantastic energy with complete honesty.

    John & Ana

    Right from the start Kylie and her team were engaged and very driven to sell our property. Communication was excellent throughout the campaign. Well done to Charlton King in achieving the record price on auction day. This is a tribute to the effort and commitment and engagement with us as sellers and the prospective buyers as well.


    We would highly recommend Kylie and her team to any others looking to buy or sell in the Bayside area. Thanks Kylie and the Charlton King team for achieving a great result for both us and the purchasers of our home.


    Kylie, thank you so much for the way in which you conducted the sale of my much loved home. You made the whole process simple and stress-free for me. I was thrilled with your level of communication, care and professionalism. I achieved a price that I was thrilled with and it was over and above my ideal price.


    Kylie from Charlton King definitely exceeded my expectations. During a difficult period of my life she was there to help me through every stage of my sale. I wouldn't sell with anyone else!


    Fantastic campaign and result. Thanks Kylie for your dedication and hard work!


    I was really happy with the service you provided and would definitely recommend you to others in the area!

    Rodger & Susan

    I would rate Charlton King very high. From the start I felt very comfortable with Kylie who was professional with all aspects of the sale of my property. At the end of the day I got a great sale price and the process was not at all stressful as I was in safe hands.


    Her communication was fantastic. Kylie kept us up to date with everything we needed to know thought our journey. I have no doubt that her expert advice along the way not only made our experience as a landlord a pleasant one, it also rewarded us with a great outcome on auction day. We will definitely be calling on you for all our future real estate ventures.


    Kylie was an absolute delight and life saver. We were refereed to Kylie by a good Friend, after having a quick chat she seemed on the ball and up front with us. We go a great result, showing what a great agent can do. I would high recommend Kylie to anyone looking for a good up front agent working for you and not themselves.


    It was a pleasure to have Kylie manage the sale of our apartment. Kylie worked tirelessly on all aspects of the selling process always with a positive attitude. Kylie's passion for her work is obvious and her commitment and hard work is incredible. We highly recommend Kylie.

    Jeffrey & Lisa

    Kylie was very personal, warm, friendly, approachable and trustworthy on all accounts. We had complete faith Kylie would get us the best price. Kylie is very honest, ethical and that was very important to us and difficult to find in Bayside!


    Thank you so much for organizing all of this so promptly and efficiently. We've been so pleased with the excellent service we've had from you. We are so pleased that we choose Charlton King to find us a tenant!

    Michelle and David

    Dealing with Kylie and her team was a very pleasant experience. Communication was clear, I could ring and ask questions at any time.... and I did! I never felt I was getting the "agent spiel" that gives most agents such a bad name. I highly recommend other vendors contact Kylie when selling their properties.

    Paul and Suzanne

    It’s easy to find good agents, much harder to find Great ones. Struck gold with Kylie. Calm, honest, knowledgeable & warm are a few of the traits we enjoyed. With the same traits reflected in her whole team. It’s an easy decision. Thank you also to Phoebe, Bronwyn & Jess. They make a stressful time, strangely enjoyable Congratulations to us all.

    Monica and Family

    We found Kylie and her team helpful and very professional. It was great not to have pressure from the agents. The staff are encouraging and personable, Phoebe is an exceptional asset.

    Brendan and Jo

    Kylie and Phoebe are terrific to deal with. Their open communication was forthright, knowledgeable and relevant. From months prior on us being ready to sell and sign up with Charlton King, both Kylie and Phoebe were always on hand for advice and even took potential buyers through. Kylie displayed a readiness to do business without being ‘in your face’ and to us was the only agent we wanted to deal with.

    Tony and Jo Norman

    Realistic professional advice - kept in the loop constantly through the process.

  • Rental Testimonials

    My partner and I had an excellent experience dealing with Renee at Charlton King and would highly recommend them.

    Annie-Rose Callanan

    Thank you so much for organizing all of this so promptly and efficiently. We've been so pleased with the excellent service we've had from you. We are so pleased that we choose Charlton King to find us a tenant!

    Michelle and David

    I have been a tenant with Charlton King Real Estate for 6 years and have been so happy with both Kylie and Renee throughout the whole lease. They were always polite, communicative, and easy to deal with. Its so nice to have that as a tenant, as its often reserved for just the landlord which is so shortsighted. I would recommend them highly as I feel they are committed to the best interests of all involved.

    Rahel O'Callaghan

    Recently, for the very first time I became a Landlord. Whilst the process seemed initially overwhelming, it was made perfectly easy by Renee. Renee has been both outstanding and patient in stepping me through everything from finding the ‘right’ tenants through to contracts and management. Being a first time Landlord, Renee’s experience in property management has been an enormous comfort and her advice has been faultless. I recommend the services that Renee and Charlton King provide without hesitation.

    Brad Craine

    In our two years renting a property through Charlton King, we have had nothing but good experiences. We have found Renee to be most helpful and maintenance need etc have been dealt with promptly and without question. I would definitely recommend CK to anyone wishing to rent.

    Vicky Thursfield

    Renee has been key for making our stay in the apartment a very comfortable one. We had thought of staying in the apartment for 6 months but ended up staying there for close to 2 years. One of the reasons for that was Renee's efficiency. She always made sure that any issue reported was attended to and fixed at the earliest. She has always been very prompt in helping us resolve any issues we have had with anything in the apartment. Highly appreciate her efforts :-)

    Sandeep Das

    Not the type of person to heap false praise so trust me when I say Renee Whitehouse is as good as they come. Smart, always responsive, reasonable and efficient. Charlton King is lucky to have her representing owners/renters/buyers. Top Notch!

    Jeff Westover

    I can't express how happy we have been choosing Charlton King Real Estate to take care of our rental property. 5 years on and everything has been a smooth journey. We never thought being a landlord could be so enjoyable and easy. Kylie and Renee have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Everything is always taken care of promptly. There friendly, down to earth nature and straight forward, truthful advice has always been greatly appreciated. We would highly recommend Charlton King Real Estate for all property management needs and will continue to use there services in the future.

    Kathryn Brown

    Great experience with exceptional service, Renee in particular, standard of professionalism care and efficiency was second to none. Thanks again

    Stephen Cottrell

    Charlton King have been exemplary. It's been amazing having a real estate agent, who's advice I can trust implicitly, where I don't need to worry about anything as its all taken care of. They have an ability to attract and pick the best the tenants I've had. When it came time to sell their skills and advice were over and above anything I or my husband could ever have expected. Have recommended them to all my family and friends.

    Ghi Paine

    We are so pleased with the care and prompt response from our Charlton King rental executive Renee. She is so pleasant to deal with and has made our experience renting (which I personally haven't done since my 20's) an absolute breeze!

    Marianne W

    Charlton King have been looking after our rental property for the past 4 years. They have been absolutely fantastic in helping us sort out trades people and fixing all issues for us. We had a tennant that eventually had to be evicted (tennant was not selected by Charlton King) and both Renee and Kylie have helped us get through what could have been a highly stressful process seamlessly. We are very thankful for all the help they gave us through that process. I would continue and have in the past highly recommend Charlton King as a fantastic agent to choose.

    Virginia Fowler

    Highly Recommend Charlton King Realestate Agent. Kylie and her team of professional and personable staff are great. Always available, with professional, accurate and reliable advice. Kylie is a real advocate for owners and tenants alike.

    Selena Pertzel

    Charlton King, and specifically our property manager Renee, have made our rental under Charlton King a breeze. Renee is easy to get along with, professional, and prompt, and importantly it really seems Charlton are putting her in a position to succeed with a bare minimal amount of red tape. Thanks Renee and Charlton King.

    David Toniolo